Macabeo grape

Macabeo grape

  • It is one of the most widely used varieties in Spain. It is said that it comes from the Ebro River basin or from the Valencia region.
  • Synonymies:

    it is named Viura in many places. Also Alcañón, Blanca de Daroca, Lloza, Viuna, Subirat…

  • Vine:

    creeping nature, shoot with a flat surface, yellowish – brown color with a mauve bloom covering the knots. Large tendril.

  • Leaf:

    big, soft, pentagonal and very lobed shapes. The reverse is downy. It turns yellow at the end of autumn.

  • Grain:

    de tamaño mediano y forma esférica. De color verde amarillento que pasa a dorado en su madurez.

  • Bunch:

    small number of bunches but large in size (25 cm), with a pyramidal shape and compact aspect.

  • Cultivation:

    late budding and maturation. High performance. Resistant to frost and drought(it grows on sunny hills fairly well).

  • Sensitive to mildew, oidium and mainly to botrytis, which hinders its cultivation on hills and too elevated areas.