Tinta Garnacha Grape

Tinta Garnacha Grape

  • It is the most widely spread Mediterranean Climate Variety in the world. Coming from the Aragonese Region.
  • Synonymies:

    Aragonese, Alicante, Tinta de Navalcarnero, Lladoner, Gironet.

  • Vine:

    upright nature and vigorous trunk. Robust shoot, flat surface and very short tendrils. Short internudes, protruding knots and conic buds.

  • Leaf:

    medium size and pentagonal shape, almost the whole unit (without laboring), glabras (with no fuzz), light green color with no shine.

  • Grain:

    dark berries with bloom, medium size and spherical shape. Thick skin and pulp with no color.

  • Bunch:

    medium size bunch, relatively compact, short stalk and slightly withered.

  • Cultivation:

    early budding. It adapts to different forms of conduction as long as it is allowed to expand (increase growing frame). Medium maturation (earlier in old vineyards). It presents certain difficulties in terms of integral mechanization (bush-trained). Better results on hills, even on dry land.

  • It is very sensitive to landslide, very rustic, resistant to drought and strong wind. Sensitive to mildew and botrytis. Resistant to oidium and acariosis.