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The web you are viewing is property of Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola, with headquarters in Ctra. Valencia s / n, 50460 Longares, ZARAGOZA (Spain). Phone + 34 976 142 653, E-mail: info@covinca.es.


The purpose of this web is to offer corporate information about Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola´s wines


Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola´s privacy policy has as main purpose to comply with the current legislation regarding the protection of the user´s personal data, according to what is set out in the Organic Law 15 / 1999, the 13th of December, on Personal Data protection.
In either way, the user will be able to exert his / her right to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the treatment of his / her personal data by addressing to Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola according to the terms and conditions set out by the lay.

Data collection and treatment

The visit to the http://www.covinca.es website opens another window, a fact that does not imply that the user ought to register or give any personal data. However, just in case the user provides some personal information, such data will be included in our database, database owned by the Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola Corporation, and will be treated confidentially. This information shall be never sold, handed over or rented to other companies.

Personal data cession to other companies

Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola does not sell, rent or hand over its website users´ personal data.

Services through the web

If regarding the use and / or contract signature of a service on the web, the user must proceed to register, he / she will be responsible for providing true and fair information. If as a consequence of his / her registration, the user is given a password, he / she will compromise to use it diligently and keep it secret in order to access these services. As a consequence, users are responsible for the adequate custody and confidentiality of any ID and / or password delivered by the Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola Company, he / she also compromises not to hand it over to third parties, either temporarily or permanently, neither to allow its access to strange third parties. The user is responsible for the illegal use by illegitimate third parties of the services rendered thanks to the use of the password due to a non – diligent use or loss.

Our users´credit card and other banking information is not stored in the files where the web site stores the data.


Covinca Compañía Vitivinícola does not sell, rent or hands over neither its users´emails nor the information inserted in the company´s questionnaires.
All the questionnaires included in the web site have a box where we accept the applicable legal terms.


These are the general conditions regulating the access, browsing and use of the web at the following URL http://www.covinca.es, another window opens, other responsibilities derived from the use of its content are also considered.
The user compromises to use the web and services offered in it according to law, as well as according to the public moral and good manners usually accepted.
The user expressly compromises not to destroy, alter or render useless, under any circumstance, the data, programs or electronic documents to be found in the present web site.
The user compromises not to hinder the access to the service by other users by means of the massive consumption of computer resources through which Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola renders the service, likewise, not to carry out any action suspicious to damage, interrupt or being responsible for any failure in such systems.
The user compromises not to upload any virus, macros, applets, ActiveX controls or any other logic device or sequence of characters that may be suspicious of altering the user´s web site computer system or that of third parties.
The user compromises to indemnify to the Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola Company of any damage caused by the use of this web site, in case he / she breaks these general conditions and / or current legislation.
The use, request or / or contract signature of the services shown implies the full acceptance and without exception by the user of the conditions shown in this document.
Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola reserves the right to modify the legal conditions shown in this document without previous notice.


The exploitation rights of the http://www.covinca.es website opens another window as well as other content (we understand as “content”, concepts like texts, graphs, pictures, designs, codes, software, photos, music, videos, animations, sound, databases, browsing, images, expressions, information, as well as any other creation protected by the law on intellectual and industrial property) included in it, belong to the Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola Company (either way, to third parties) to whom it corresponds the exclusive exercise of their exploitation rights under any circumstance, specially, the rights of reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation.

The copyrights are owned by Inicionet Aplicaciones S.L., company creating and developing this web site, whereby, in that regards, erasing, eluding or manipulating the “copyright” is not allowed, as well as any other identifying data of the Inicionet Aplicaciones S.L. property right, also any protection technical devices, digital fingerprint or any other information / identification mechanism included in such content. Likewise, every trade name, trade marks and distinguishing sign included in the web site is protected by law.

The user will be able to view and even print, copy, or store all the elements previously mentioned , in his / her computer hard disc or in any other physical support as long as it is for exclusive personal and private use, as well as long as the origin and / or author name s shown, therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use, reproduce, communicate, distribute, modify, alter or decompile them for commercial purposes.

Responsibility for the content

This web and content is owned by the Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola Company. However, we may publish eventual content provided by third parties and firms on the web site, the Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola Company is not responsible for its truthfulness and exact meaning, it is exempt of any responsibility vis-à-vis the person or business making use of it.
Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola reserves the right to modify the web content without previous notice and without any kind of restriction.
Regarding the responsibility for the Web management, Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola excludes any responsibility for any interference, omission, interruption, phone failure or disconnection in the operational function of the electronic system and motivated by strange causes.
Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola excludes any responsibility for any delay or blocking of the operative function of this electronic system caused by any default or overload in the phone line or Internet, likewise for any damage caused by third parties due to illegitimate intromissions out of the web owner control.
Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola is not responsible for the security mistakes that can happen neither for the damage that can cause to the user´s computer system (hardware and software), or the files or documents stored, as a consequence of the presence of a virus and other computer elements that could damage the user´s computer as a consequence of its use to access the web, a wrong browser operation and / or use of non – updated versions. Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola declines any responsibility for the eventual damage caused by the lack of availability and / or continuity of this web and for the services offered in it.
Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola guarantees the inexistence of any interruption or mistake in the access to the Web or its content, neither that is not updated.
Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola reserves the right to temporarily suspend the access to the web because of maintenance operations, repair, updating or improvement without previous notice.
Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola declines any responsibility for the services that eventually could be provided by third parties on the web.
Responsibility in relationship with links, Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola declines any responsibility for the services and / or information provided by other webs linked with this web. We recommend users to check the legal conditions included in such webs. Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola will not be in any case, responsible for the damage directly or indirectly derived for not reading this notice, or by the non – compliance with the specific requirements set up in the conditions.


People and companies sending any kind of information to Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola compromise that such information is true and that it does not violate any right by third parties or the current legality.
The user guarantees that the information, material, content, or remarks not belonging to their own personal data records and given to the web owner through the web, shall not break any intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties, nor any other legal provision.
All the information received by the web, such as comments, recommendations, ideas. They are considered to be given free of charge. Don´t send any information that could not be treated this way.


Our website contains links to other websites. These are out of our control so we are not responsible for them. Only the owners of the sites where they are hosted will be responsible for them. As soon as we become aware that a link is directed to a website that commits an illegality, we will immediately remove it.


Before using the Website, the User must carefully read the corresponding particular conditions established for this purpose by Covinca.

By using this portal, the user expressly accepts each and every one of these general conditions, as well as all those particular conditions collected for the use of certain services. If you do not accept these General Conditions of Use, you must refrain from accessing and / or using the content offered. These general conditions of use regulate the generic use of the portal by the User. The User will have the possibility to view and print the aforementioned conditions. The User must carefully read these General Conditions of Use on each of the occasions on which they intend to use the Web page, as they may be modified.


Covinca does not grant any guarantee nor is it responsible, in any case, for damages of any kind that could be caused by:

The lack of availability, maintenance and effective operation of the web, or of its services and contents;
The existence of malware, malicious or harmful programs in the contents;
The illicit, negligent, fraudulent use or contrary to this Legal Notice;
The lack of legality, quality, reliability, usefulness and availability of the services provided by third parties and made available to users on the website.
The provider is not liable under any circumstances for damages that may arise from the illegal or improper use of this website.


Covinca Compañía Vitivinicola, as owner of this web, reserves the right to modify, develop or update the web terms of us any time and without previous notice.
The user is automatically obliged by the current terms of use at the time of accessing the web, therefore, he / she read the terms of use on a regular basis.


Any controversy and complaint coming from the interpretation or execution of the present Legal Notice shall be regulated by the Spanish legislation and will be subject to the jurisdiction of the pertinent Court.