Climate and soil

The region´s climate is defined as mild, with a remarkable trend towards continental, therefore, winters are cold, and summers very hot. This continental climate, plus the common wind blowing throughout the region, hinders abundant rainfall, which creates a semi-arid landscape. An outstanding feature of our region´s wind, named “cierzo”, is that contributes to a dry weather. However, the presence of nearby mountains has positive effects on the rainfall, higher and more persistent rainfall rates, either spring rain or summers storms. Rainfall near mountainous areas are very low, around 350 – 540 mm.

Yearly average temperature: 14,54º C

Yearly average rainfall: 308 mm.

The landscape with hills descends towards the prairies from Cariñena, the soil, at a certain height, is formed by pebbles from the alluvial and colluvial deposits and shows the required conditions to grow the grapevine, since it does not need much humidity but when it receives it, it is capable of keeping it for a long period of time. The climate soften in these areas and the grapevines find the ideal method for their development.