Chardonnay grape


  • Variety from French origin and more specifically from the Burgundy Region. On top of being present in France, it is a widely spread variety all over the world. According to several genetic studies, its origin is based on the Pinot variety.
  • Synonymies:

    Pinot Chardonnay, Morillón, Negret Blanc and Weisser.

  • Vine:

    upright nature. Dark brown shoot with a grooved surface. Short tendrils.

  • Leaf:

    the young ones are cottony, yellowish – green color, with bulges. The oldest ones are medium size, orbicular, bulged, shiny, very intensive green color, with little marked lobes. The petiolar sinus is lilac.

  • Grain:

    Berries are spherical, small, amber – yellow color, weak skin.

  • Bunch:

    Small cylindrical shape with one or two side wings, compact and short stalk, with a weight of 150 gr/bunch.

  • Cultivation:

    early budding, very sensitive to frost. Flowering period beginning in June. Very early maturation. Sensitive to over-maturation.

  • Sensitive to over-maturation. Very sensitive to botrytis. Sensitive to oidium and the bunch moth.