Merlot grape

Merlot grape

  • French variety from the Bordeaux region. It belongs to the same family as the Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.
  • Synonymies:

    Plant du Medoc, Simillon Rouge, Medoc Noir, Bigney, Vitreille…..

  • Vine:

    Relatively vigorous, light shoots with dark knots covered by mauve blooms, flushy tendrils and average size.

  • Leaf:

    average size, dark green colour, pentalobed with a deep side sinus, with angulous and narrow teeth. Hairless limbo and slightly bulged on the bundle.

  • Grain:

    Small size, spherical shape, black – blue color, polished skin and relatively thick.

  • Bunch:

    Cylindric, small and little thick (loosen).

  • Cultivation:

    Early budding and maturation. It requires fresh soil that keeps humidiy during summer (irrigation) since the bunches develop poorly and the grain doesn´t grow in dry weather.

  • It is sensitive to frost in spring (early budding) and also to frost in winter, which can cause the fruit colour to alter. It is sensitive to an irregular fruit set (it hardly produces anything in some years). Resistent to oidium, but sensitive to mildium and botrytis.