Sauvignon Cabernet Grape

Sauvignon Cabernet Grape

  • Variety from French origin (Bordeaux area). It is the most widely used variety in hot and mild areas. Result from the mixture of French Cabernet Franc x Sauvignon blanc varieties.
  • Synonymies:

    Petit Brouchet, Sauvignon Rouge, Carbonet…

  • Vine:

    Upright variety, light yellow shoot with darker knots and covered with a light mauve bloom. Small and fine tendrils.

  • Leaf:

    Average size, shinning and dark green, deeply lobed. Downy reverse. Violet petiole.

  • Grain:

    Very dark color, small and spherical shape. Very thick and hard skin with a deep dark pigment. Firm and crushing pulp with an astringent flavor.

  • Bunch:

    Small (around 10 cm long) and small weight (150 gr.) cylindrical – conic shape.

  • Cultivation:

    Low performance, late maturation and budding (which limits its growth in mild areas with soft autumn). In hot weathers, the wine may come up to be sugar coated and lacking of sourness, aroma of herbs in cool climates. It adapts better to dry or well ventilated areas. It does not accept fertile or humid soils that induce it to high vigor and lignification difficulties.

  • It is sensible to oidium. Resistant to botrytis (due to the fact that the berry is thicker). A little bit sensible to bunch drying. Resistant to frost in spring (for late budding).