Syrah grape

Syrah grape

  • variety from Persian origin very much implemented in the center and south of France.
  • Synonymies:

    shiraz, Hermitage, Bragida, Serine Noir, Syrac, Marsanne Noir…

  • Vine:

    upright grapevine, light yellow shoot with dark knots covered by a lot of violet bloom. Fine and long tendrils.

  • Leaf:

    small size, bulged, curled on the petiolar sinus, cottoned reverse. Narrow petiolar sinus and sharp bottom. In autumn, it gets slightly red on the edge.

  • Grain:

    average size, elliptical shape, blue – black color with abundant bloom. Relatively thick skin and juicy pulp.

  • Bunch:

    they are scarce in the grapevine, average size, a little bit compact, long and cylindrical, with stalks lignifying quickly.

  • Cultivation:

    dlate bud break and average maturation. Little productive in dry environments (it produces very little but with proof. It prefers granitic, pebbled and even clay – calcareous soil.

  • it is sensitive to drought (berries dehydrate). Its arms break easily due to the action of strong wind. It is also sensitive to botrytis but little vulnerable to the remaining diseases.